Kill Germs and Banish Bacteria With the UV Sanitizer Phone Cleaner
Smartphone Sanitizer 3
2 Lights - Complete Cleaning
  • Machine provides two light lamps which could cover the top and bottom surface meanwhile, so you just need to clean your device for one time.
  • Plug it in, put the phone inside and close the cover and Press clean switch to start clean with indicator light keeps Green.
  • Smartphone Cleaner will stop automatically after 6 minutes while Smartphone is finishing clean.
  • So easy that you can protect yourself and those closest to you by cleaning your phone regularly
Smartphone Sanitizer 4
6 Working Minutes - Full Cleaning
  • Cleaner is widely used in our life, such as food,health,chemical engineering and so on, which gives us a more safety and health life.S
  • martphone Cleaner is scientifically proven & tested by independent third party laboratories to clean 99.9% of common household dirty in 6 minutes.T
  • he Cleaner clean 99.9% of dirty in just six minutes. Clean your phone while you wait or leave inside to charge overnight.
Smartphone Sanitizer 5
Aromatherapy Diffuser - Extra Freshness
  • In addition to keeping your favorite belongings dirty free, the portable Cleaner works as an aromatherapy essential oils diffuser.
  • Simply add couple of your favorite aroma drops into inside, it will be freshen your phone.
  • Put essential oil on the aromatherapy inlet, press aromatherapy switch to start having aroma humidifier for your device. It stops automatically after 8 minutes while aromatherapy is finishing, and your device smells very wonderful.
Smartphone Sanitizer 6
Charge sanitizer via the power bank etc
  • You can charge your phone sanitizer via the power bank, usb plug, laptop etc.It is very convenient.
  • Also you can sanitizer your phone,keys,watch,sock,eyeglasses,spoon and so on.It is very great device for you.
Smartphone Sanitizer 6
Large Inner Dimensions - Up to 6.7inch
  • Portable Cleaner 's inner dimensions are (in inches) 6.7’’ L x 3.69’’ W x 0.78’’ H and can fit larger phones and phablets including an iPhone 7s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S 7, Note 4, LG G3.
  • Also, it fits for iPods, mp3 players, Bluetooth earphones, toothbrushes, watches, toys, pacifiers, eyeglasses, keys and jewelry.