ChewPets™️ Portable Canopy Shade

"My dog now has her own space in our backyard and can lounge outside our house anytime she wants. She is living her best life with this bed!" - Carly N, USA


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The best pet bed for lounging outdoors no matter the weather- giving all canine friends better, happier lives!

Breathable fabric & elevated design

Heat, moisture, & water resistant

Easy installation with detachable canopy
5.5 lbs only that supports up to 88 lbs
  • Portable, Practical, & Long-Lasting Pet Bed

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Let Your Dogs Lounge Outside Without Compromising Hygiene & Comfort!

  • Pets’ Health Prioritized: With its soft, breathable fabric and elevated design, it promises to maintain better air circulation for your pets and keep them away from insects and other pests on the ground. This pet bed is like their own personal and special little nook that’s super comfortable and also serves as their protection from any health issues.
  • Superior Materials For Safety: Its iron pipes are rust and corrosion resistant to ensure a long, satisfying ownership. It has high loading capacity and non-slip foundation, giving you a peace of mind that your dogs are 100% safe when using this pet bed.
  • Versatile Bed For All Seasons: Since it is super comfortable, your pets would want to use this most of the time regardless of the weather. Its sun-resistant and waterproof gives them the freedom to use it at all times, no need to buy any other outdoor beds depending on the weather.
  • Practical Indoor & Outdoor Bed: Bring it anywhere you want with its lightweight frame and detachable canopy, allowing for both indoor and outdoor use. Remove the shade to re-purpose it as a comfy bed that is perfect even inside the house and carry it with you during outdoor adventures to provide a snug sleeping place for your pets when traveling- truly best of both worlds!
  • Hassle Free Installation & Cleaning: You don’t need any special tools when setting it up, just mount the pipes and connect the canopy to the main bed using elastic ropes. Fold it easily when you’re done and with its waterproof material- just wipe the surface and you’re ready.

Give Your Pets The Best Life That They Deserve!

The ChewPets© Outdoor Bed With Canopy Shade is a great product to keep your dogs cleaner and healthier whenever they choose to sleep outside your home. We all know that sleeping on cement and grassy grounds is uncomfortable, making this elevated outdoor pet bed a perfect cozy place to lounge on that is off the ground, whether it is outside your house or the great outdoors.

Make them feel at home with every snooze while keeping them safe from insects and other harmful critters! Winter, spring, summer, or fall, this pet bed will provide the most comfortable nap times your dog has ever experienced in their entire lifetime.


The Outdoor Pet Bed With Canopy Shade gives dogs the freedom to stay outside for extended periods of time without feeling restless because of the weather. Set it up anywhere and enjoy a more fun time with your canine buddy!


  • A versatile outdoor pet bed for any place! 
  • Elevated design for better air circulation 
  • Breathable mesh fabric for increased comfort 
  • Heat insulation & water resistant 
  • Lightweight for easy & and assembly 
  • 4 Anti-skid iron pipes & high-load capacity


Step 1

Set up the pet cot in your desired place and lead your dog inside using yummy treats.

Step 2

Once your pet is comfortable, show them that the canopy is detachable to avoid scaring them when you remove the shade.

Step 3

Encourage them to use it every time they are outside the house/traveling to help them familiarize with the pet bed.

Step 4

Always lead them and assure them it’s a safe sleeping place until treats are not required when using the bed.


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Do you think my 100-pound golden retriever would be able to get up in the back seat of a Ford F150 crew cab with this ramp?

"Absolutely. My 98 lb. German Shepherd gets into our SUV as well as into the back of my husbands extended cab GMC Truck with this ramp. It takes a little coaching and guidance at first - she was very hesitant to use it the first few times, but now she sees us put it up, and waits at the bottom - we always hold on to her collar because of the angle, just make sure she doesn't walk over the side. Hope this helps." - Terri

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We use USPS (United States Postal Service), FedEx and DHL for deliveries inside the United States and abroad. 

Could ramp possibly be used over a small stairway? My dog injured his ACL and I need to carry him out to the street. He's only 35 lbs.

"My 12 year old 32 lb dog tore is ICL chasing a squirrel. He's had surgery but pretty much needs to be kept immobile until he needs to go outside. He usually goes out the patio door to the patio and backyard, but there are 2 steps from the patio door to the patio. Would this suffice with a slant not too steep and can it be attached to the patio door frame?" - Nancy

What is the width of this ramp?

Product Dimensions : 62 x 16 x 4 inches; 10 Pounds

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