Pet Stroller Bag

"My little baby fit in lovely and it means she can come out walking again and then go in the stroller when she has had enough" - Loretta S, USA


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This pet Stroller is a great accessory to have. It is made with a sturdy frame and oxford cloth to make it lightweight and secure, can be used as a trolley or as a back pack.

Space-saving: can be folded up and stowed away

With netted window to allow air flow and a great view

With retractable cover to keep your dog protected against any weather
Comfortable and easy to push, thanks to its push handle and swiveling wheels
  • Easy assemble

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You don’t have to carry your pets anymore!

  • RELIABLE QUALITY: With sturdy wheels, a one-hand fold mechanism, and super easy maneuvering, our compact pet carriers feature high-quality materials to always keep your pet safe. The pet stroller has been manufactured according to baby stroller standards, and the pet carrier has passed environmental stress-cracking resistance and SGS quality tests. 
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Our multipurpose dog travel backpack is fast and easy to assemble, and can be converted between any function in minutes. This dog and cat stroller collapse as the two outer shells collide and zip together, and this dog carrier can be disassembled quickly with smooth zippers for space-saving storage and transportation. 
  •  PERFECT FOR EVERY PET: This pet stroller for medium dogs and cats is designed to keep pets comfortable for any outing! With a large opening for getting in and out, a sturdy mesh window, and perforated holes, our dog carrier backpacks ensure ventilation while your pets enjoy the view. These backpacks for cats even have a roll-up flap for privacy!


Get ready for any trip with your pet with the 5-in-1 Pet Carrier! These versatile cat and dog carriers can be converted into a shoulder carrier, a dog backpack carrier, a pet car seat, a dog stroller, or a pet carrier with wheels, so that your pet will always enjoy traveling in style for a walk or road trip.

Light and stable

No matter how you and your pet decide to hit the town, our small dog backpack carrier is ready for anything! The folding cart has a multistage telescopic handle, and the padded shoulder strap is completely adjustable. There is a tether with a snap hook to keep your pet secure, and the padding is machine washable.. 


Smaller dog breeds, sick dogs or puppies sometimes do not have a great deal of energy so they find it hard to keep up on long walks. This Stroller bag is the ideal solution if you like to have your dog with you all the time. Perfect for shopping, travelling or walks.


  • High quality oxford cloth, wear-proof and bite resistant, strong and durable.
  • Mesh fabric design makes your pets feel comfort while enjoying beautiful scenery, ventilated and breathable.
  • Has flexible pull rod, soft handles and adjustable shoulder straps, convenient and practical.
  • Big pockets on both side allow you to put pet supplies or food.
  •  The front has two openings, convenient for pets to come in and out.


Step 1

Half open your pet stroller bag.  

Step 2

Let your pet go inside the stroller willingly or put them inside if needed.

Step 3

Once your pet is comfortable with it, you can often push the stroller or lift it up and go for a short walk until they get used to it.


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Do you think my 100-pound golden retriever would be able to get up in the back seat of a Ford F150 crew cab with this ramp?

"Absolutely. My 98 lb. German Shepherd gets into our SUV as well as into the back of my husbands extended cab GMC Truck with this ramp. It takes a little coaching and guidance at first - she was very hesitant to use it the first few times, but now she sees us put it up, and waits at the bottom - we always hold on to her collar because of the angle, just make sure she doesn't walk over the side. Hope this helps." - Terri

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We use USPS (United States Postal Service), FedEx and DHL for deliveries inside the United States and abroad. 

Could ramp possibly be used over a small stairway? My dog injured his ACL and I need to carry him out to the street. He's only 35 lbs.

"My 12 year old 32 lb dog tore is ICL chasing a squirrel. He's had surgery but pretty much needs to be kept immobile until he needs to go outside. He usually goes out the patio door to the patio and backyard, but there are 2 steps from the patio door to the patio. Would this suffice with a slant not too steep and can it be attached to the patio door frame?" - Nancy

What is the width of this ramp?

Product Dimensions : 62 x 16 x 4 inches; 10 Pounds

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Shipping time varies depending on your location.
Typical delivery time ranges from 3-7 Business days.